Why Ayurveda?

The word “Ayurveda” is translated as “The  Knowledge of Life”. Ayurveda is Nature’s medicine, approaching health from a “whole person” (body, mind and soul) perspective. By understanding how nature works, we can apply these principles to all aspects of life. We can know how each choice, action and interaction will affect our thoughts, emotions, physical body and consciousness.

Ayurvedic Consultants seek to understand the root cause of an imbalance in order to help alleviate the associated symptoms of that underlying condition or illness. Ayurveda recognizes that we are all unique individuals and that optimal health and well-being means honoring your own unique needs. What is beneficial to one person may not be for another. We seek to understand what drives each individual’s health and happiness in order to maximize their natural healing potential.

Ayurveda in it’s highest expression is the ultimate form of preventative medicine. An individual comes to know themselves so well that they easily recognize imbalances early, before they manifest into disease. There are always signs and symptoms about what is going on within us and, when we know how to “listen”, we can make corrections through proper diet and lifestyle choices. Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle encourages each individual to take action and responsibility for his or her own health.


~ teaches each individual how to make right choices in diet, lifestyle, daily routine to assist the body and mind to return to balance, naturally

~ is both a treatment for symptom relief and it’s own system of preventative medicine

~ reduces toxins in the mind and body that contribute to dis-ease

~ helps alleviate stress, fatigue and tension

~ strengthens the immune system by creating a strong digestive fire and flushing toxins

~ promotes self-inquiry and enhances self-awareness through the development of consciousness

~ supports a well balanced life

~ works harmoniously with the practices of yoga, meditation, and mindful living

~ uses the body’s own natural intelligence to facilitate healing, without side effects

If you would like to reconnect with your inner wisdom and with the wisdom of nature, consider an Ayurvedic Consultation. Ayurveda holds the wisdom that can return you to wholeness in body, mind and soul.


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